Jul 28-30, 2018 Sendai International Center

Gender Equality Luncheon Seminar

Information for the Luncheon Seminar at the 68th Conference of Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry

We will hold a "Gender Equality Luncheon Seminar" on the third day of the 68th Conference of the Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry. Please see the details below.

Overseas situation and Japanese future of work-life balance and gender equality
~Balance between research and home~

July 30th (Monday) 3rd day of the conference, 12 noon to 1 pm (Participants can freely come and go)
Classroom Fa (Meeting room 3), Sendai International Center

Special project by the gender equality committee

Nowadays, male and female researchers are expected to take roles at home, doing housework and undertaking child care duties. The amount of work in addition to research tends to increase continuously. On the occasion of the simultaneous hosting of the international conference on coordination chemistry (ICCC2018), we would like to take the opportunity to discuss future researchers' life styles in their attempt to balance research and family life this time in a more international setting with real-life examples. For instance, most researchers in Europe tend to go home at 5 pm, while at the same time in recent years, the numbers of European research papers are increasing. How do they combine research with spending time with their family? At the same time in America, double-income homes are very common, but how do they research till late night and take care of family at the same time? We have invited panelists with experience of studying abroad in America, Europe and other areas, as we would like to compare foreign and Japanese styles in changes and transfers in research, in relationship with boss and family, and learn from their experiences. There should be advantages and disadvantages for foreign styles. By comparing foreign and Japanese styles, we might come up with Japanese strengths and hopes for future researchers' lives. We hope to provide you with the opportunity of thinking about future models of researchers' life styles. Gender equality is to strive realization of the society to maximize uniqueness and abilities of individuals regardless of genders. We would like this session to be the reference to develop the life style to balance life and work. Ladies and gentlemen, everyone is invited. We are looking forward to seeing you here.

Teppei Yamada (Kyushu Univ., Associate Professor)
Sayaka Uchida (Tokyo Univ., Associate Professor)

Panelists (Japanese Alphabet);
Naomi Kitagawa, Professor, Engineering, Tohoku University
Ami Saito, Doctoral student, Engineering, Tokyo University
Hirotomo Nishihara, Associate Professor, IMRAM, Tohoku University
Rie Makiura, Associate Professor, Engineering, Osaka Prefecture University
Nobuhiro Yanai, Associate Professor, Engineering, Kyushu University

Apply to: Teppei Yamada (Kyushu University) (teppei343@gmail.com)
*First 50 pre-applicants receive free bentos
Deadline: July 11, Monday
(We are looking forward to your applications.)
*We welcome walk-in listeners (without Bento). Please feel free to join us.


Coordination Chemistry Gender Equality Committee
Person in charge: Teppei Yamada (Kyushu University)(teppei343@gmail.com)


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